Pushing! A necessity in life, in so many different ways. I’m no expert in childbirth, having not experienced it, but from talking to friends as well as many episodes of Holby, Casualty, and Call the Midwife, I am aware that as unpleasant and painful as pushing id, it is a necessity in natural childbirth! As a teacher I find myself pushing pupils (not physically) to reach their potential.

This year I have had to push, both physically and metaphorically!

Physically, I have pushed myself like I have never known before. I’ve walked further than I have ever done, out of choice; I have run, and kept running.

At work I have pushed myself. I have worked longer hours; set myself new challenges; tried to ensure that everything is done to the best of my ability.

I have also pushed doors. I had to push to work out which one to open and walk through. I’m still not convinced that the one door is entirely closed, but it wasn’t as open as the one to teaching!

Pushing means stepping out. Quite often it is stepping out of a comfort zone. I never thought I would say this but I think I had got quite comfortable with my running. I knew that I needed to step it up a gear, and push myself. So I set my tracker to tell me how quick each split was. Tonight I ended up doing one of my quickest runs to date, and definitely in a long time. I needed to push.

Pushing isn’t always pleasant, but it is necessary to move on. Sometimes things will develop naturally, like automatic doors, but most of the time we have to push. Like most things I have written about, this needs to be a conscious decision, and we need to be willing to step out of the comfort!

PUSH IT and see what happens!



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