I have probably mentioned before I am someone who likes to be affirmed, I’m not very good at trusting that I’m doing well or doing the right thing. I also try to affirm others whenever I can. 

Since Friday I’ve had a lot of affirmation, but not through anyone specifically saying “well done, you’re amazing” but actually through events that have happened. For those who are regular readers you will know I’ve had a bit of a journey of discovery recently. Friday affirmed that I had discerned correctly that I am meant to be where I am doing what I’m doing. 

I was very nervous on Friday, I was doing an assembly and had two quite important meetings. But by the end of the day I was buzzing. My assembly was possibly one of the  riskiest assemblies ever, for numerous reasons, firstly there were a lot of unknowns, with reliance upon participation from staff and pupils, but also because it was a very simple but very Important message as well. But it went fantastically, and pupils and staff were still speaking about it at the end of the day. 

The first meeting I had was at work, meeting with head and assistant head to talk mock results. I’ve always been really nervous about these meetings, but this time I went in knowing exactly everything I needed to, and wasn’t phased by anything that they asked me at all.

The second meeting was at diocesan house, as a kind of debrief session following the explore more course in the autumn. It was a really good meeting where I was able to say how deciphering that my vocation is actually to teach has meant that I have been able to focus so much more in my job and in my life generally.

By the time I was walking home from diocesan house I was well and truly pumped – in one day I had had it affirmed to me beyond a shadow of a doubt that I am where I am meant to be, and doing what I am meant to be doing. I then had a lovely dinner with ladies from church on the Friday evening, further affirmation that I am in the right place.

Then, Saturday morning, I went to a women’s prayer breakfast, and then I went for a walk along the seafront with E. The majority of the walk was spent talking about how God has been speaking to us both through each other and how actually our friendship has grown since we have been in different churches. 

Affirmation is so important, but we can’t always rely on others to give it to us, sometimes we have to see it in our everyday lives, in what is happening. However, if you feel you can affirm others, go on, it makes a difference!

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