The need for SOS

After a lovely couple of weeks off, on Monday I went back to work. I was very Aware that seemed more excited than the majority of colleagues. It’s not that I was excited but I figured I may as well get the most out of what I had to do! Tuesday was slightly more of a struggle, but there were 4 things that happened that made it easier to get through. This reminded me of a previous post Providing SOS. In that post I referred to SOS standing for spoonfuls of sugar, little helpful things that make a difference to others. But this SOS is Simplicity of Smiles.

The four things that happened yesterday

  1. My colleague had put my soup in the microwave to heat up, which was lovely. But then admitted that she’d originally put her soup in the fridge to heat – a real LOL moment!
  2. My friend sent me videos of our God daughter sitting at the table ringing us up (on a hairbrush) saying hello and asking us how we are. Two videos, one phoning me and one the husband. I smiling from ear to ear
  3. Another friend sent me a photo of her son who was loving playing with a toy we’d got him for his birthday. Again – after an ‘interesting’ afternoon I was smiling again
  4. Finally, I was staying to mark books and went for a necessary walk. I bumped into a colleague who said he’d found a photo of me, from when he was sorting out things. He said he’d put it in my tray. I must have looked slightly worried about this but he said “no, it’s great, it’s barely rcognisable as you. I am so proud of how fantastically you’ve done.’ Again I was smiling!

Never underestimate the power of a smile.

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