Body take over

For the first time in a long time, if not ever, I really feel like I have deserved this holiday. This term has possibly been the term I have enjoyed the most since teaching! It has been a lot of flippin hard work but that is why I have enjoyed it so much. I guess it really is true – you get out of it what you put into it!

The last two weeks have been particularly tough. When everyone else is winding down, it’s one of my busiest times with various services to organise for the school, making sure that everything is sorted for next half term, as well as all the Christmas socials, and church things as well. The last week I really pushed my mind, body, and emotions to the absolute limit. On Monday morning yr11 took their RS mock exam, by Thursday they were all marked and data was inputted. I was leaving the house at about 6:15 every morning, and returning home about 12 hours later. I was ready to collapse, quite literally at times. But I made it through – still not entirely sure how.

But since Saturday morning, my body has taken over. 

One of the things I discuss a lot with my pupils is what makes humans special, and I guess one of the things is our will power. When talking with pupils I’m normally referring to making moral decisions, but I think it is also the power we have to overrule our bodies. We know we are tired, but we stay awake. We know we are full, but we carry on eating etc… (Possibly going to be happening this week)

Friday was an afternoon/evening/night of winding down. Saturday consisted of comfy clothes, glasses and hair up. Sunday I was at church most of the day but wasn’t rushing around. Monday the husband and I had every intention of going to the gym – that didn’t happen we had a relaxed start to the day before going for lunch at a pub with a friend and going for a walk. Then I was horrified to find myself falling asleep in front of a Muppets Christmas Carol at about 9:15! So once the movie was over, I washed up, and went to bed, again with the intention of going for a swim this morning – when I awoke at 9:45! 

For anyone who knows me, they will know that this is unheard of. To stay in bed turned 7 is miraculous! My Fitbit informs me I had 11hrs 12 minutes sleep!

My body has taken over, and I’m letting it. I need to rest! I’m able to rest, because I pushed myself to my limits last term. But I will not be able to do that next term unless I listen to my body and rest now. But what I have also realised is that resting isn’t just sitting about. I am still doing stuff in the house, I’m going for walks, I’m running, I’m meeting up with friends, and I will be doing some school work. But until the 4th January I’m going to listen to my body and stop when I need to stop, not set any alarms, sleep as much as I need, and recharge my batteries for, what I hope is going to be another fantastic term!

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