Overwhelmed is a word I’ve been using a lot recently. When I asked the husband what image I should use for overwhelmed he said someone sitting in an office surrounded by paper – I quizzically said ‘no – I mean in a positive way’! So then I looked at Google and all the images were reflective of what the husband had said. But that is really not how I have been using the term overwhelmed. 

I’ve been using it as an emotion, kind of like amazed, or completely taken aback. There has been a lot for me to be overwhelmed by this year.

I have been overwhelmed by how my life has changed in all aspects.

I have been overwhelmed by the response I have had to these blog posts

I have been overwhelmed at how one response to a call to move church has made our lives irrecognisable

I have been overwhelmed by how my health has affected my work

I have been overwhelmed by the support and love of friends and family.

I have been overwhelmed that God has been speaking to me clearly – once I chose to listen

Overwhelmed may seem like a bit of a strong word, but that really has been how I have felt. The number of times I have written a status, blog, text or tweet and suddenly I’ve just had to step back and go WOW how on earth has that happened!

It is so easy for us to be overwhelmed by the things that seem to get on top of us, maybe we should try to redefine what overwhelmed means to us. Let’s be overwhelmed by the good things, the things which make us step back and go WOW how has that happened!

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