Just because…

Yesterday morning I was awake stupidly early as always, my body doesn’t appear to be able to lie in, especially not on Saturdays. So, I figured I’m awake, let’s do an experiment – so I did.

I had been a bit disheartened towards the end of the week. Not majorly, but I guess I was concerned about the negativity in the world. It’s something I talk about with pupils a lot – why is the news always about the bad things? Why do programmes have such horrible story lines? Then I was at prize giving on Friday and an ex pupil said that she didn’t like the fact where she has gone to uni no one smiles at her. This was following me contemplating why my highest viewed blog posts were those with negativity within the title.

So… The experiment… I wanted to spread some joy, I wanted to text people, just because… So I started, by the third personalised message I realised there was no way I was going to be able to do that for everyone. So I wrote a simple text along the lines of “sending a hug and a smile to say hello. Have a fantastic Saturday” I then sent this message to 170 people.

I was not ready for the response. In fact I was overwhelmed. I had a lot of people asking which Helen – I think my phone automatically adds people’s numbers from Facebook. There were people who assumed I’d sent the message to the wrong person. But most responses were delightful, apparently it was a great way to wake up in the morning. Apparently I caused a lot of smiles. It also meant I got in touch with people I hadn’t been in touch with for a while. There were also people who said the message was so timely, and people who asked me to pray for what was happening in their lives.

Now there have been many times when I’ve text people to see how they are, because I’ve really felt that they had been placed on my heart. And often those messages have been timely. But what amazed me yesterday was how I didn’t feel I needed to text anyone in particular, it really was just because I wanted to spread some joy and I think I succeeded!

I think we underestimate how powerful a simple hello can be. I’m going to try and not wait until I have reason to talk to or message someone, and just say HELLO because…

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