Reflection through tears

Yesterday I took a full school assembly, about 900 11-18 year old plus about 40 staff. To many people this would imitating, but I actually love it. But yesterday I was really nervous, and ended up in tears after (once I’d left the stage). 

I had agonised over this one. I wasn’t reliant on songs, or funny clips, I was reliant on me. The theme was about the habit of excellence. Therefore the theme really was about me, and how a change in habits had changed me and had a positive effect on my life. I told my story, I showed comparison pictures. I pretty much laid it all out. Before the actual assembly I wasn’t sure if I was being brave or stupid! I turns out I was being brave.

The reason I agonised was twofold. 1. I take great pride in my assemblies. 2. I wanted to get the balance right!

The husband suggested I looked at my blog.  So I started from the beginning – crikey I’ve written a lot! Anywho I ended up in tears because I couldn’t quite believe the change, and how much I’ve gone through.

Reflection can be difficult, whether it is a physical reflection in the mirror or looking back over recent or past events. Reflection is also necessary to see where you have come from but also to see if there is any thing that needs changing to move forward.

 I think I realised that reflection also needs to happen regularly to avoid shock. But there is no point in reflecting if there’s going to be no response or reactions!

The tears were through a recognition of my journey so far, and the response of pupils and staff to my assembly. Tears are often associated with sadness, but that was not the case here. They weren’t tears of joy either. I think they were tears of achievement – not sure if that is a thing but I’m pretty certain that’s what they were!

Reflect, respond, react.

One thought on “Reflection through tears

  1. Bravery certainly is your strength and possibly the best life lesson you can part onto young people. I certainly learnt resilience from you, to not allow your inner fears take a hold of you and push you down- you came back a fighter every time.
    Sharing your story with young people who aren’t yet able to understand the art of resilience is a true gift, they need it now rather than later!
    #oneappreciatedpupil Thank you!

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