Plodding along

Over recent weeks there seems to have been an influx of people commenting on how I look, and asking how I’m doing it. The problem is I’m now struggling to answer this question as I don’t really feel that I’m ‘doing’ anything. Yes, I’m exercising, yes, I’m still losing weight, but it is just what I do now. It doesn’t feel like anything special.

Since January a lot has happened, there have been a lot of changes in all areas of my life, and a lot of revelations have taken place. But I now feel that I’m plodding along. Although this may seem like a negative, that isn’t how it’s meant. What I mean is I’m just living, I’m not discovering, I’m not having any major life changes, I’m not making any major decisions, I’m just getting on with it.

We all go through highs, we all go through lows, but a lot of the time we are just plodding along. When plodding along you experience the everyday, you appreciate the everyday without finding meaning in everything! Plodding along gives you the opportunity just to be, without any agenda other than enjoying life as it is.

Personally I’m enjoying plodding along but do look forward to the next high!

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