Raindrops keep falling on my head

I’ve just got back from a run. Well, I say just, I’ve had a shower, got my pjs on and had dinner! But I went for a run, and a very wet run it was too! I got absolutely completely and utterly drenched, but I still went.

The rain got me thinking today, and it just dawned on me, how much my life has changed. Previously I wouldn’t have even got the bus home in the rain, let alone having walked home in the rain and then gone out again for a run. The rain was an excuse for a lift home and a night in.

When I first started my warm up walk today I was freezing, and thinking there is no way I’m going to manage this but by the time I got about 1/4 of the way through I was fine. I was no longer aware of how wet or cold I was, and I was just running, every time I got to a point where I could turn off to go home, I just carried on.

This is like pretty much every aspect of my life now. I’ve had a really busy week, with a lot going on. So much so that I felt slightly buried by it all at times and previously I would have just not bothered. But this week I’ve just got on with it, doing what I can when I can, and just carrying on.

The rain makes you aware of potholes, I was very aware of where I was running and what I was avoiding. I didn’t stop and walk home because there were potholes and puddles, I just ran around them. Occasionally I’d catch a corner of one butting wasn’t as bad as running straight through. Since my anxiety attack at the beginning of the year, I have become very aware of what my potholes are, and what I need to do to avoid them yes sometimes I get caught out, but I’m not drowning as I have done in previous years.

 Another thought when it comes to rain is saturation. When you are out in the rain you get wet. It’s inevitable. You can try to prevent it, but you are going to get wet from all angles. The longer you spend doing anything the more saturated in it you become. This year I have spent more time marking, reading, preparing than I ever have done, and I have become totally saturated by my job. Not in a bad way, that it’s taking over, but I’m just more aware of what I am doing and the effect it is having. It’s great! Similarly because I’m giving more to the lessons I’m seeing a saturation of the pupils as well!

My final rain related thought is about shelter. In July we went for a picnic with a family for church. It was due to rain but were determined. We went to a park and set up blankets etc under a tree. We were enjoying the food, and the company and we were fine and dry. We then saw a tour boat going down the river, but they were drenched and holding things over their heads. We were completely oblivious to the rain because we were sheltered by the tree. But this week I was walking home in the rain and but the time I was early home it had stopped. I then looked ahead and saw it tipping down. This perplexed me for some time until I realised that it was under a tree and it was a delayed rainfall, as it had got caught in the tree.

I’ve often been good at hiding from problems. If I ignore it it will go away. Sometimes it is important to take a step back, or maybe go to a safe place. But the problem, like the rain, won’t go away it just might be a delayed reaction. 

Rain, rain, rain, it can make us dreary, but essentially it gives us life! It is a necessity, the question is how will we respond to it? Avoid it, or just Carry on? 

Maybe we just need to prepare ourselves for the rain in our lives. I know the run tonight was much easier because I was wearing contacts rather than glasses!

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