Heading nowhere

Thursday was a difficult day for me, I’m not entirely sure why, but there were tears involved! I made it home, and I knew what I needed to do, so I went for a run! That was the first run I had managed to do that week, due to other commitments. The run was EXACTLY what I needed – I still find it very odd saying that!

I try to do three runs a week, but that wasn’t possible last week. I miss running when I’m not able to, but most importantly I feel so much better after I’ve run. I was chatting to a colleague asking her advice on how to keep up the exercise when the busyness of life is continuing on as well. She was saying I didn’t need to worry as I’m already doing at least 90 minutes walking everyday, but maybe if it meant that much, I could run  part of my journey to or from school. This got me thinking…

The idea of running part of my journey to or from school did not really appeal to me. I like putting the trainers on and going on my route. I think part of the issue is that my body is used to the 90 minutes walking a day now, so I think I do need to do the extra, but it’s more than that. The more I thought about it the more I realised, I like not having anywhere to go!

The reason I wouldn’t want to run to or from school, is because I would be running to or from school! I would be heading to somewhere or from somewhere, my mind would be focused on where I was going or where I had been. What I love about running is that I don’t HAVE to be anywhere, I can turn back whenever I want to, I can take an early turn home, I can take a random turn if I want to. I’m not governed by any expectations. 

I know some people apply to run races, so that they’ve got a goal, something to aim for, a reason to get quicker, a reason to run. But I’ve not felt that need, yes I get bit gutted that my time doesn’t get quicker, but that passes very quickly as I just feel so much better for having run.

I enjoy the walking because it’s my time to prepare myself for the day or wind down from the day. I enjoy the running because there is no purpose for it, it’s just a run, and I think I’m going to leave it like that. Sometimes there doesn’t need to be a purpose or a reason, somethings just need to be because…

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