The walk – a metaphor for life

I have discovered that patience is not my strong point at all, this is in all aspects of life, but I have discovered it a lot over the last week walking to and from work, walking generally. I get frustrated when walking, I get frustrated when people are dawdling, I get frustrated when people are in a group across the whole pavement, I get frustrated when people are walking towards me, I’m clearly on the ‘correct’ side of the pavement but they just keep walking and we end up playing pedestrian chicken! And I get frustrated when people are walking slower than me but they are not walking in straight line, but they are meandering all over the place and I have to work out HOW I’m going to take over! So, I get frustrated and I dread to think what I’d be like in a care, it’s probably a good job I don’t drive!

I can’t understand why people don’t walk on one side of the pavement, keeping a look out for pedestrians, and allowing others to take over – it’s not too much to ask is it? As I was contemplating this I realised that his is a metaphor for life – since writing a blog everything is a metaphor!

People dawdling – we all go at different paces, this is not a bad thing. Similarly in life I have been known to get frustrated with people who don’t SEEM to be as busy as me! There are times in life when we are constantly in a rush, there are times when things are a bit slower, and there is normally good reason for both of these. When we are busy it is important to stop, slow down, to allow the body and the brain to recooperate. I know after I’ve had a seizure, or if I’ve had an illness I just want to go straight back to work – when actually I need to sleep, to stop, I’m slowly getting better at doing this, but boy do I feel guilty. When actually there is no need for me to feel guilty because I’m not much use when I haven’t rested! Similarly when slowing down we tend to notice a lot more things.

People walking in a group – how dare they? How dare they walk with friends and not in single file? This is an absolutely ridiculous thing to get frustrated by, and it is purely because I have to go out of my way to go round them. My journey to and from work if my time and my place, one day my husband said he would walk with me, and I just looked at him and he knew that I didn’t want to walk with him (I know I’m an awful wife!) but there are time when its great walking with others, and of course you are going to walk together rather than in single file, and of course you’re going to be going a little slower, your focus isn’t walking yr forces is conversation and fellowship. This is the same in life, there are times for solitude and being on your own, but a lot of the time fellowship  is a necessary part of the journey and it makes it more fun. Other people were the ones that challenge you and encourage you to move forward when the terrain is looking particularly rough!

Pedestrian chicken – I’m walking on the correct side, but they are not moving I guess I’m going to have to move to the other side! Why do I automatically assume I’m on the right side? They may have a reason why they are on that side of the pavement. Similarly why do I assume that I’m on the correct path in my life, why do I get frustrated when a curve ball is thrown, when I have to make a slightly different decision to my plan? Hmmm this one is a really difficult one for me at the moment.

Meandering pedestrians – why aren’t they walking in straight line? Why can’t they just decide and walk in a straight line? Don’t they realise it would be quicker and easier if they were walking in a straight line? Wouldn’t life be so much easier if we were on a straight path, knowing exactly what we were doing and where we were heading, with no twists and turns. It would be easier but it would be flippin boring. I love going for walks with little children, where you have to go at a slower pace anyway because of their little legs, but then it slows down even more because they have to look at everything, because everything is so exciting. What an awesome rock, but over there is a fascinating twig! When do we sto getting excited by the nature around us?

So… Where does this leave us? I am constantly confused at the moment because I don’t what the future holds for me, I’ve got no idea where I am going to end up, and I definitely have no clue how I am going to get there. I’m getting frustrated with the curve balls, I’m getting frustrated with the friends talking to me but not actually able to tell me answers. I need to learn to follow my own words. I need to enjoy the journey not endure it. The journey is essential to the destination, it might take a bit longer than I would hope, I may have to go out of my way, but hopefully on the way I will discover new paths, and spot new and exciting things.

I get spoken to a lot through music, and a song that has spoken to me a lot this week is a song I didn’t know before but I downloaded an album and came across it, and it is Enough light, a song about trusting in God, and that although we may not know the full journey and destination, there is enough light for the next step – and although we may want more that is all we need!

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