A LOT can happen in a year!!!

This weekend last year we were saying goodbye. We were saying goodbye to something which had played a phenomenal part in both of our individual lives as well as our life together. We were saying goodbye to our church, my husband had gone to the church since he was 7, and I had gone there since I was at uni. We met at the church, we got to know each other at the church, we got married at the church, we made many friends at the church, we had celebrations and had tough times. But it was time to move on.

We knew it was right, we knew where we were going, that didn’t make it any easier at all! It just so happened that because there had been a party the day before there were people at the service who don’t go to the church anymore but had been a part of our journey at the church. It was such a special time, it was just a normal service but we were prayed for which was really encouraging.

The next week the husband got licensed as a lay reader (too complicated to explain) and we started going to a new church. Life was different, but I had no idea what else was to come in the next year! 

We are well and truly a part of that new church, leading services, preaching, playing keyboard with an ironing board stand, organising fundraising, house groups, and SO MUCH more. But as individuals and as a couple we have developed as well. We both seem to have a new life, a vibrancy, and excitement for what is in store.

If you’ve been reading the blog you will know most of what has changed over the last year, but it took that one step of bravery. I’ve just been watching Finding Nemo, and there is a strong theme within the film of sometimes having to let go – i think there is a song in another Disney movie about letting go – queue the toddlers singing!

We had to leave our comfort zone, and we had to remove the plaster. We have not looked back, and what seemed like such a big change a year ago, now seems completely normal – although I’m not really sure normal is a word to be used at our church – which is partly why we love it. And tomorrow the dresses are coming out and the husband is being licensed again, but this time to our church, which we can call family! So exciting!

I know I’ve said it before and I hope I will continue to say it BUT I have no idea what they next year holds for me, for us, but I REALLY cannot wait to find out!


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