Fan ‘flippin’ tastic


On 28th August 2004 I got married, and there was only really one choice of song to walk back down the aisle to – Zipadeedodah – obviously! It expressed everything about the day, and it was Disney!

The phrase I’ve heard myself saying a lot over the last week is FANTASTIC – quite frequently with the word Flippin included as well! This has been used to describe classes, opportunities, the year ahead and even meetings! After the anxiety attack last week I couldn’t have imagined saying this, but it has been a really positive start to the year. I feel in control… Well more in control than usual… And I’m excited about what is to come!

Every year I start afresh, but this year seems different. This is partly down to relationships with colleagues, a recognition of my ability, a renewed love of the job, but mostly the pupils! The joy they have shown in lessons, the excitement for learning, the comments they’ve made including ‘I’m so pleased you’re teaching me’ and a year 11 girl telling me I look ‘flippin fantastic’! I’ve overwhelmed myself at what I’ve accomplished for me, and I really want that to be able to spread into all aspects of my life, especially at work! 

It’s such a blessing and privilege to work with young people, in some of the most formative years of their lives. This comes with a lot of pressure though, which I’ve been very aware of hearing parents say how I’ve impacted their children! I want to make the most of that opportunity, and this year I really am more aware of that!

When I typed in fantastic to the image search, the flower above came up. It’s a stunning flower but it’s not fully developed yet. I’m developing as a person, I’m growing and changing; and people are noticing. It’s definitely not just a size thing – apparently I’m glowing and have a renewed sense of energy! I’m also still perfecting the awkward dance with the compliments!

I’m no biologist but once the flower grows it will then pollinate, to create more beautiful flowers. I hope not to sound big headed, but I know a few people have started to make changes in their lives after seeing/hearing the difference in me.

I’ve always said I’ve made the changes for me, but I love the impact it has had on my relationships. I don’t teach for me, it honestly is about the pupils but… If the changes I’ve made for me can have an effect on my work for them it’s a win win situation! 

Apologies for the analogy but… If the growth in me can pollinate to a change in them, to then change others -WOW! 

It really is a fanflippintastic time, so exciting! It’s going to be hard work, but I’m up for it!

Zipadeedodah zipadeeay, my oh my what a wonderful day! Plenty of sunshine heading my way. Zipadeedodah zipadeeay! Mr bluebird on my shoulder, it’s true, it’s natural… EVERYTHING IS SATISFACTUAL!

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