Too busy to be active???

Last week was the last week of my summer holiday, it was also one of my busiest weeks. Travelling to Birmingham, visiting family and friends, coming straight back to a meeting at church, then leading the holiday club for two days, celebrating our anniversary, preaching at church, family bbq in Herne bay, and trying to get school work completed. WOW that’s tiring just writing it, and yet… It was my least active week for months!

When I was approaching the summer holidays I was aware I needed to make sure I was doing something with my time, so I joined a gym, I went on the most ridiculous routes to get places, just to make sure I walked! I went to a hotel with a gym and swimming pool! 

As I get back into school life I need to make sure I don’t let work take over

Last week I let everything else take over, that I didn’t realise the effect not exercising and not spending time on my own was having on me. Similarly I need to make sure that I continue socialising and spending time with friends and family.

It really is all about balance, and this is what I’m understanding more and more as I continue this journey. I think my life had got a bit stagnant, and suddenly, as is often the way for me, I got a mahoosive kick up the backside, and suddenly life as I knew it changed, and it has got better ever since. 

I’ve got a really positive feeling about going back to work (and I’m not just saying this because my headteacher told me today he was reading my blog) this morning I was up before my alarm, and I was ready to go. I’m back to my walking to and from school and I love it!

There’s part of me worrying about fitting in the gym, and swimming, but I know I will. I KNOW it won’t be as regular as the summer holidays, but that’s fine and dandy, the reason I joined was because I wasn’t walking, which I am again now. But I have enjoyed it, and want to continue.

I’ve just got to try to avoid busyness getting in the way of activity, as I’ve learned my body and my mind DO NOT like no exercise! Bizarrely I am very grateful that I am not allowed to drive, so it is a lot easier to make that decision to walk!

This is going to be a very different year at work, for numerous reasons, but mainly, for me, because I am very different to the Mrs Netherton that has been teaching for the last 11 years. Hopefully the difference it has had on me will be beneficial for the learning of the pupils as well!

Speaking of which, I really should probably go to bed! Goodnight!

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