11 years a slave

11 years ago I said ‘I do’ in front of a church full of people, agreeing to marry my husband and promising to be faithful to him for ever. I’ve just given him a card, within which I wrote ‘I think our 11th year of marriage has been the best one yet’ and he agreed (without being prompted)! 

I’ve possibly confused people by the title of this blog, but it’s not as bad as you might think! 

In March this year I had an epilepsy sister appointment. Whilst at the clinic, my epilepsy sister asked how I was coping being off one of my drugs, I said that I was feeling much better and had a lot more energy. She then turned to my husband and asked if he had noticed a difference in me. His response “well she does more washing up”! VERY DANGEROUS! But also very true!

I often use this anecdote as a joke, but actually he was just pointing out something he had noticed, I’m just upset that I hadn’t really noticed it about myself. When I say 11 years a slave I mean it in two ways

Firstly, I was almost a slave to a way of thinking, to a way of life. No matter what was going on I always had an excuse not to do anything around the house, whether that was cooking, cleaning, washing up. Either I’d had a long day at work, or it was my holiday! The simplest of things and I would try to get the hubby to do them for me!

Which brings me to the second thing, the hubby has never once complained about pretty much running the place, he felt I was tired, he wanted to care and look after me, instead I can’t help but feel I treated him a little like a slave!

But this year that has all changed, we were both stuck in a rut, again we didn’t necessarily realise it until we were out, but we are now out of that rut! We are so much happier in all aspects of our life, and we are becoming more and more of a team. That is why this year, the 11th year of our marriage, has been the best one yet, and I think so much has changed for us that there is no way we will be going back to the way we were.

Love does strange things to a person, over the last year I’ve asked the hubby numerous times how he put up with me the way I was. The response is always the same ‘I didn’t put up with you, I loved you, but I do prefer you now as we have a lot more fun’! That’s enough of a statement to make sure that I NEVER enslave myself or anyone else again!

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