4. I’m enjoying not enduring it

As you may have guessed, this was the reasoning behind my blog title! I really don’t feel that it has been hard work to get healthy and to lose weight. I’ve loved trying new foods, I’ve loved spending my Saturday mornings making soup, I’ve loved learning about my body, more than anything I’ve loved walking! I love the time it gives me… to think, to contemplate, to prepare myself for the day ahead, or to wind down from the madness of the day! I’ve almost got to the point where I can’t sit still for too long, as I want to get out and walk.

I think this is the reason behind the success for me this time, previously I’ve really felt that it’s been such an effort to do exercise, to work out what to eat, to NOT eat a chocolate bar, or a large bag of crisps, or a bottle (or 2) of cherry coke! I guess this links in with previous posts, this time it has been my choice, and it has been a learning journey.

I was at the gym this week, having one of my personal trainer sessions developing a programme for the gym. I’d already had my induction where I’d used all the machines, and at my session this week my personal trainer was asking which machines I wanted to use, and what I wanted to get out of the sessions. Once I’d chosen the machines, he showed me what I needed to do to push myself, we tried some machines which I didn’t get on with – so they are not on my programme. This is the perfect metaphor for what has become my lifestyle…

There are so many ways of losing weight/getting healthy. Some people prefer a programme, group meetings, exercise classes, meals prepared, team games… I’m just sharing what has worked for me this time. If you spoke to me a year ago and told me that I would be refusing lifts, going out running, going to the gym, and choosing to go for a walk for no other purpose than to walk, I would not have believed you… and yet now I cannot imagine any other way.

2 thoughts on “4. I’m enjoying not enduring it

  1. Thank you Helen love reading your blogs. I have moaned for so long about losing weight and getting fitter and you have just done it… You are so right… You have done it for you and not made a fuss. You look amazing X

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