Enjoying life

So… I’ve got no idea what I’m doing but I’m going to try to write a blog! Quite a number of people have told me recently that I have inspired them! Not something I’m used to. I keep being asked the questions What are you doing? How are you doing it? So I’ve decided to take my story to a blog… I’ll start off with how I’ve got to where I’ve got… And will continue to tell the story of where I’m going! 

The last year has been a year of complete and utter change for me, I’ve stopped having epileptic seizures, I’ve moved churches, I’ve had a renewed sense of enjoyment for my job, I’ve suddenly got curly hair, and I’ve lost 3st 11lb!!! When people ask me what I’ve done there are probably 5 things I tend to say, which I will explore and explain more over the next few blogs:

  1. I’m not dieting
  2. Walking (and running, and swimming and going to the gym)
  3. I’m not doing it for anyone else
  4. I’m enjoying it not enduring it
  5. It’s a holistic lifestyle 

This is only the second week of my summer holiday, and already I know it is going to be a very different holiday to any holiday I’ve ever had before. It’s fantastic and I hope my story will continue to inspire – although that still sounds very very strange!!!!!

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