1. I’m not dieting

I’ve tried a number of diets over the years, and it’s never really worked for me. About 3 years ago a couple of friends started using myfitnesspal.com, an app that allows you to keep a count on your calories. I tried this and found it useful, but, if I’m honest not much happened. But I started using the app again in January, and it’s been amazing. I have a target amount of calories per day, but it also links in with Fitbit (I will talk about this in another post) so works out how many calories have been taken in, and how many have been burnt off. I’ve learnt over time what foods are ‘wasted’ calories. It really has been a learning process, I’ve become aware of what works with my body. I still seem to be eating a lot of the time, I’m just eating different things. because I’m not dieting there aren’t things that I cannot have, I allow myself to have treats every now and then, and I don’t feel guilty. It has been more about an education than a chore. I’m enjoying discovering more about food, trying new things, and I have to say I have been so grateful for guilt free snacking from m&s!!!!!!

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